Anton LaVey and Daniel Yoder both wear pentagrams?

It’s true! Anton LaVey and Daniel Yoder both wear pentagrams! Anton LeVey, who was the self described "High Priest of Satan" regularly doned a petagram as part of his garb. Daniel Yoder, husband of Rebecca Brown too wears a pentagram on a medal he received. On the official Rebecca Brown website, Daniel Yoder brags about receiving a medal called "Medal of Freedom." A close look at the “Medal of Freedom” depicted shows there is a pentagram prominently displayed. So, both men wear pentagrams. Now, does this simple observation suggest that the pentagram on the “Medal of Freedom” or for that matter the “Medal of honor” are satanic or of demonic origin? Does it also suggest that anyone who has received a medal with a pentagram demonic? Absolutely not. The point is to prove the absurdity of Brown's fanatical teachings. In their books Rebecca Brown and Daniel Yoder warn Christians not to receive gifts that have any kind of satanic symbols. They claim that such items with symbols such as pentagrams, can attract demons which can "cling" to the recipient. This kind of demon paranoia is frequently taught in their materials. It causes the unsuspecting and gullible to discard simple objects thought to be satanic. Of course this advise is for someone other than Rebecca Brown or her husband Daniel Yoder. Apparently they alone are able to distinguish between occultic symbols and simple designs or patterns. When calling attention to this fact, Daniel Yoder rants on his website: “Not all five-pointed stars are occultic pentagrams. If you believe that, then you had better never use a circle for anything, as circles are widely used in occultic symbolism!*” Exactly my point! The tongue and cheek comparison of LaVey and Yoder caused him to admit how absurd their teachings are. The extremes that Yoder and Brown teach in their materials regarding the demonic are unbiblical, groundless and downright silly. This kind of fanaticism only causes new believers to stumble into the trap of giving the demonic more power than they truly have. It also causes believers to fear what Jesus has already defeated on the cross. Satan is a defeated foe!

Daniel Yoder and the "Red Herring"

A common tactic used in debate is called a “Red Herring.” A “Red Herring” is a “fallacy in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention from the original issue.” On Yoder’s website he uses this devise to divert attention off Brown, her fanatical teachings and his shady past to attacking the messenger. It's interesting to note that Yoder launches into a patriotic tirade and calls this author a "Cyber-Terrorist" for exposing Brown and her false teachings. Because reference was made to his medal having a pentagram he diverts attention from himself by saying, "It is time to decide. Are we going to allow terrorism to continue against the brave young men and women of our armed forces and against Christian ministries? Are we going to allow the Paul Blizzards of this world to dishonor and disrespect what this nation stands for? This nation founded on God, and mightily blessed by Him.” Notice how the “red herring” works. It is designed to create emotion on an entirely new issue to divert attention from what was brought up. Yoder concludes that this author needs to be banished from America: “I, myself, Daniel M. Yoder, am tired of these type of people! I have to agree with Bill O'Rielly that such people who are smear-meisters have no place in America, and no right to call themselves Christians (or even Americans). There are whole nations of such people in the world, let them move there.”*

What do they want to hide? Why do they want to divert attention off themselves? Yoder and Brown do not want the public to know about their shady and sordid pasts: Brown with her drug addiction and misdiagnosing of patients which led to her losing her medical license in Indiana and Yoder's long criminal past where he was arrested for falsifying motor vehicle registrations, driver’s licenses, and falsifying Social Security records.

These are not Christian ministers, but liars and frauds!

See the documented facts about this man in the following article:

(containing Daniel Yoder's arrest and conviction)

*From Brown's "Harvest Warriors" website: "NEW! Urgent Prayer Request! August 8, 2005" (

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