1. Love has to be your motive when witnessing to the Witness at your door. Keep in mind that the real fault lies not with the Jehovah's Witness at your door, but in the organization which has deceived him. They truly belive they are serving God. Don't give them any excuse to bolster their "martyr complex."

2. Prayer is the most effective weapon used in your dealing with the Jehovah's Witnesses. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you, giving you the words to say, and also to convict the Witness of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Remember, Satan is the author of deception and cults. We are "wrestling" with unseen forces. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places." (Eph.6:12 NASB)

3. Keep Scripture sharing mutual, making sure that the discussion is not a one-sided presentation on the Witness' part. Remember it is your door they knocked on. Agree to allow for your interpretation.

4. Be alerted to misinterpretations of verses by reading verses before and after the quoted verse to check the completeness of the Scripture cited by the Witness..As someone said: "A text without context is a pretense."

5. Hopscotching through the Bible is a tactic used by all Jehovah's Witnesses. Do not allow this as this is how much of their theology is built. Always discuss verses at length in context before proceeding to the next verse. Fully discuss one subject at a time. Don't get carried away debating silly things. Keep the main thing the main thing: What is the Gospel? How does one gain eternal life? Who is Jesus?

6. Always use a recognized translation of the Bible, keeping in mind that their translation (The New World Translation) is a corrupted form of Scripture. A few recognized versions are: the King James Version, the New International Version, the New American Standard Version, and the Revised Standard Version.

7. Share your New Life in Christ, giving your testimony as to how you became a Christian. Describe your living relationship with Christ, giving Scripture as opportunity affords. Remember, what Jesus has done for you, and what He can and will do for the Jehovah's Witness. Jehovah's Witnesses have no personal testimony of a relationship with God through Christ. Their story is one of "reform" rather than "regeneration."

8. If possible give them Christian literature following your testimony. Ask the Witness to read the material with their Bible upon returning home. Also, remind the Witness that you will be praying for him (or her) and then do just that! If you are able, get their name and pray for them by name daily. Give their name to other prayer groups. Remember, it is the Holy Spirit who converts not you.

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