Tools Of The Trade

Tools of the Trade

Top Secret Forms Used by Jehovah's Witnesses

"Time Report" Each Jehovah's Witness must turn in "Time Reports" to the elders. Each time they "witness" they record their activities. (book sales, etc.) This report is put on their file. There are secret files kept on all Jehovah's Witnesses which are only viewed by the elders. If a Jehovah's Witness refuses to turn in a time report, they are disciplined and put on list called "irregular publisher." The individual will be on this black list until they again turn in regular reports.

"Disfellowshipping Report" When Jehovah's Witnesses are "shunned" or disfellowshipped because of breaking any of the rules or laws, the "sin" is recorded on their secret file after appearing before disciplinary committeess. (judicial committee) The report is recorded on this card and sent to headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. (These files are never destroyed)

Portion of Report form to Watchtower headquarters from "Presiding overseer" regarding members "sins"

"SECRET FILES" Disfellowshipping Report Copy of "Secret file" kept on every Jehovah's Witness who is punished by the elders. (Sins detailed in report) This file is kept in the local Kingdom Hall and at headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. (These files are viewed only by elders and are never destroyed)

"Memorial Report"Jehovah's Witnesses only serve communion once per year. Only the "anointed" Jehovah's Witnesses can partake of the bread and wine. This is an elite group of Jehovah's Witnesses who claim exclusive right to enter heaven. All other Jehovah's Witnesses are confined to the earth. Jesus Christ is the "mediator" only for this group. When one of the "anointed" is present at the "memorial" service and partake of the bread and wine, it is reported to the Watchtower headquarters on this form.

"Territory Map" Each neighborhood is mapped out so each person will be reached with their message. When the maps are checked out they cannot be returned until every person in the "territory" has been contacted.

"Publisher Identification Card"Each Jehovah's Witness is called a "publisher." This is the identification card carried by each one.

"Blood Card"Each Jehovah's Witness has been ordered not to take a blood transfusion. Each member must carry this card instructing whoever finds them not to give them a blood transfusion.

"Pioneer Report" Full time door to door workers are called "pioneers." They report directly to the Watchtower headquarters in New York. They must meet prescribed quotas (amount of time in book sales work, number of magazines and books sold, return visits made, converts, etc.)

"Pioneer Identification Card"Identification card carried by full time door-to-door workers

"Special Pioneer Report" "Special" full time door-to-door workers are called "special pioneers." They meet stricter quotas than pioneers (more sales time, more book sales etc.) They are the only paid door-to-door workers

"Personnel Card" File card for New York Watchtower headquarters workers-Notice: "Anointed" and "Other Sheep" designations to be checked (heavenly class and earthly class)