The TRUTH about Second Watchtower President:
"Judge" Rutherford

Rutherford drove a new 16 cyllinder Cadilac while his followers suffered during the great depression

Read how Rutherford Scams his followers and builds a mansion for himself! See the photos of his mansion and read about his LAVISH LIFESTYLE

Watchtower attorney Olin Moyle's resignation letter exposing Rutherford's drinking habits, morals and shady activities at Watchtower headquarters Moyle Letter

Rutherford, an alcoholic, writes a Watchtower article saying banning liquor is of Satan! Read it for yourself "Booze" Rutherford-see enlargment of actual photo (right) of Rutherford hosting a keg party!

Rutherford (center) with bodyguards-notice all have canes used as "night sticks"
N.H.Knorr (left) successor to Rutherford--Secretly nicknamed: "Brownie" or "Brown-noser" by Bethel headquarters staff

Rutherford with Knorr- Rutherford's thugs with canes used as "night sticks"

Last photos of Rutherford before his death (from 1941 Convention program)

The "Mystery" years of Joseph Franklin Rutherford

View scanned copy of Rutherford's 1942 death certificate

The Undoing of Judge Rutherford by Randall Watters

The Spirit World Guided Rutherford by Ken Raines

Rare Photo of Board of Directors after Russell's Death
Top: (left to right)J.A. Bohnet, R.J. Martin, Giovanni DeCecca, F.H. Robinson, C.J. Woodworth
Bottom: A.H.MacMillan, J.F.Rutherford, WE. VanAmburg

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