Jehovah's Witnesses
and Jimmy Swaggart
"the Scriptures justify the 'war strategy' of hiding true facts from the enemy."
--THE WATCHTOWER May 15, 1960, page 295
The Watchtower Society and Jimmy Swaggart's day in court

WHY did the Watchtower Society change its literature distribution program in 1990, eliminating set prices for literature items? JWs believe the Governing Body instituted a "simplified" arrangement. Few know the change really took place because Jimmy Swaggart lost his case in court. In a February 21, 1990 letter to congregations, the Society explained the new policy this way:

By adopting a od of literature distribution based completely on donation, Jehovah's people are able to greatly simplify our Bible education work and separate ourselves from those who commercialize religion.
However, this is what really happened:
Since many JWs refuse to believe the Society actually filed a legal brief in Jimmy Swaggart's case, we reproduce pages here as evidence.

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