The Secret Books of
The Watchtower

The Watchtower leadership goes to great lengths to hide the truth about their tactics and methods. These books are forbidden to be read except by authorized Watchtower persons. The secret elders manual (Pay Attention to Yourself and all the Flock) is especially embarrassing to Watchtower leaders! This secret handbook for elders details how to monitor JWs to keep them in line. It also describes how elders as "judges" deal with wayward JWs who are involved in sexual sin.


"Uncleanness includes an intentional momentary touching of sexual parts or caressing of breasts. Such minor uncleanness can be handled at the discretion of an elder or two; it does not require a judicial hearing. There is a need for strong counsel, admonition, and assistance to help the individual to maintain chaste conduct in the future. If not corrected, such conduct may escalate in gravity and by frequent repetition become loose conduct. Loose conduct is a shocking, flagrant disregard for Jehovah's moral standards. It may include the willful practice of heavy petting or the fondling of breasts. The nature, circumstances, and actual extent of what has occurred may indicate loose conduct, which would require judicial action. Such practices can easily lead to por.neiŽa. "Por.neiŽa" involves immoral use of the genitals of at least one human (whether in a natural or a perverted way), and there must have been another party to the immorality, a human of either sex or a beast; willing participation incurs guilt and requires judicial action. It is not a casual touching of the sex organs between persons but involves the manipulation of the genitals. (w83 6/1 pp. 23-6; w83 3/15 pp. 30-1)It includes oral and anal sex or mutual masturbation between persons not married to each other, homosexuality, lesbianism, fornication, adultery, incest, and bestiality."

It's no wonder they don't want it released to the public!

Pay Attention To Yourself And To All Of The Flock (secret elders manual)
Branch Office Procedure
This is the secret office manual used by all the branches of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society
Dwelling Together in Unity
This is a secret Bethel handbook which contains rules of conduct for Bethelites. (Watchtower world headquarters staff members) Written by late Watchtower President, N. H. Knorr. It details how much control Watchtower leaders have over its staff and how childish they are treated. The book is to be read by headquarters personel only and returned upon leaving Bethel.

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